How to Express Yourself with Attitude

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

In today's era of prevalent social media, expressing oneself has become an art. Whether it's the flamboyance of Versaillesism, the pursuit of perfectionism, or the relaxation of lying flat, each attitude represents our unique personality and values. In this article, we will explore how to use these attitudes to showcase yourself and let the world see the real you.

Versaillesism-凡尔赛主义(fán ěr sài zhǔ yì): Live boldly, dare to be flamboyant

Versaillesism is an attitude that dares to express and showcase oneself. It represents confidence in oneself and acknowledgment of self-worth. If you are a Versaillesist, then boldly display your personality and style! Wear your favorite clothes, express your unique style; share your life and insights on social media, bravely pursue your dreams. Remember, Versaillesism is not narcissism, but respect and confidence 信心 (xìn xīn) in oneself.

信心 (xìn xīn), noun, confidence


  1. I am full of confidence in my abilities.
    Wǒ duì zìjǐ de nénglì chōngmǎn xìn xīn.
  2. Her confidence makes her appear even stronger when facing challenges.
    Tā de xìn xīn ràng tā zài miàn duì tiǎo zhàn shí xiǎn de gèngjiā jiānqiáng.

Perfectionism-完美主义(wán měi zhǔ yì): Pursue excellence, surpass yourself

Perfectionists always pursue excellence and the highest standards. They pay attention to details and pursue quality and perfection. If you are a perfectionist, then strive for the best! Whether it's work, study, or life, never compromise on mediocrity, always pursue excellence and perfection. But also remember, perfection does not mean without flaws 缺陷 (quē xiàn), accepting your shortcomings and learning to let go is the key to growth.

缺陷 (quē xiàn), noun, flaw


  1. She pointed out the flaws in the plan.
    Tā zhǐchūle jìhuà zhōng de quē xiàn.
  2. Every diamond has its flaws.
    Měi kē zuànshí dōu yǒu tā de quē xiàn.

Lying Flatism-躺平主义(tǎng píng zhǔ yì): Enjoy the present, let go of pressure

Lying Flatism is an attitude of relaxation and enjoyment of life. In the fast-paced life, we often feel overwhelmed by pressure, lying flatists choose to relax and enjoy the present. If you are a lying flatist, then learn to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life. Don't overly pursue utilitarianism and achievements, but learn to appreciate the things around you, focus on inner peace and happiness.

Key Sentences:

  1. My sister is Versaillesism. 
    Wǒ jiějiě shì fán ěr sài zhǔ yì.
  2. I have the spirit of perfectionism. 
    Wǒ yǒu zhe wán měi zhǔ yì de jīngshén.
  3. My colleague has the idea of lying flatism. 
    Tóngshì yǒu zhe tǎng píng zhǔ yì de xiǎngfǎ.

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