Exploring the Influence of the Internet Slang "Prince/Princess, Please..."

Sunday, April 7, 2024

In today's social media and online culture, we often encounter various trendy catchphrases and slang terms. One of the widely discussed catchphrases is "Princess/Prince, Please ...," which has quickly spread across the internet and become a common expression in many people's conversations. So, what does "Princess/Prince, Please ..." actually mean? Let's explore it together.

Firstly, let's decipher the meaning behind this trendy 时髦 (shí máo) catchphrase. In this phrase, "Princess" and "Prince" typically refer to a noble, dignified, or elegant image, while "Please ..." conveys a request or expectation. Therefore, "Princess/Prince, Please ..." can be understood as an expression of a desire to be respected, cherished, and treated kindly. It resonates with the inner longing of many people to be treated with politeness and respect by others. This trendy catchphrase is widely used on social media not only because it is concise and easy to remember but also because of the emotional resonance it carries. In daily life, we often encounter various challenges and difficulties, and phrases like "Princess/Prince, Please ..." can serve as a positive psychological reminder, encouraging us to uphold our self-worth and demand the respect and attention we deserve.

时髦 (shí máo), adj, trendy


  1. This outfit is very trendy.
    zhè jiàn yīfu fēicháng shímáo.
  2. She likes to follow trendy trends.
    tā xǐhuān gēnsuí shímáo de cháoliú.

Here are some examples of situations where the catchphrase "Princess/Prince, Please ..." might be used:

In Online Communication

  • When someone makes a rude comment on your social media post, you might reply, "Princess, please be kind in your words."
  • If someone sends you an inappropriate message, you could respond with, "Prince, please show respect in your messages."

In Face-to-Face Interactions

If a colleague interrupts you during a meeting, you might say, "Princess, please let me finish speaking before you contribute."

When a friend is being demanding or unreasonable, you could gently 轻轻地 (qīng qīng de) say, "Prince, please be considerate of others' feelings."

轻轻地 (qīng qīng de), adverb, gently


  1. She gently stroked the cat.
    Tā qīng qīng de fǔ mō zhe māo mī.
  2. He gently blew out the candle.
    Tā qīng qīng de chuī miè le là zhú.

Key Sentences:

  1. I used to say, Princess, prince, please get off! 
    Wǒ chángcháng shuō, gōngzhǔ wángzǐ, qǐng xià chē!
  2. Princess Prince, please eat is a very popular Internet expression. 
    Gōngzhǔ wángzǐ, qǐng chīfàn shì xiànzài fēicháng liúxíng de wǎngluò yòngyǔ.
  3. My brother and I did not want to go to school, and my mother said to me, "Princess prince, please go to school!"
    Wǒ hé dìdi bù xiǎng shàng xué, māma duì wǒ shuō, gōngzhǔ wángzǐ, qǐng shàng xué!

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