Essential Chinese Words and Phrases for Travelling

Sunday, January 8, 2023

China has relaxed its epidemic control policy. Want to travel to China after the epidemic? These super practical travel Chinese expressions are of great help to you. After studying, you don't have to worry about communication when you travel to China. Let's start learning together!

Ask for flight information

Booking a flight ticket is the first step of your trip. You need to ask for some flight information. What about the relevant Chinese expressions?

1. I want to buy a ticket to Beijing.
我 想    买  一 张    到  北  京   的 机 票   。
wǒ xiǎnɡ mǎi yì zhānɡ dào běi jīnɡ de jī piào. 

2. Could you please tell me what time we'll arrive in Beijing?
nǐ nénɡ ɡào su wǒ yí xià wǒ men shén me shí hou dào dá běi jīnɡ mɑ ?

3. What's the time difference between Beijng and New York?
běi jīnɡ hé niǔ yuē de shí chà shì duō shǎo ?

4. How long is the flight to Beijing?
fēi jī dào běi jīnɡ yào duō jiǔ ?

5. When are we going to be landing? 
wǒ men shén me shí hou kāi shǐ jiànɡ luò ?

Booking Hotel

The next step is to book a hotel. Here are some useful Chinese expressions you might use.

1. I'd like to make a reservation for one night on the 1st of March.
wǒ xiǎnɡ yù dìnɡ sān yuè yí rì yí ɡè wǎn shɑnɡ de fánɡ jiān.

2. Could I book a double room from March 5 to March 8?
wǒ nénɡ dìnɡ yì jiān cónɡ sān yuè wǔ rì dào sān yuè bá rì de shuānɡ rén fánɡ mɑ? 

3. What are the room rates?
fánɡ jià shì duō shǎo?

4. I'd like to reserve a room of one / a single room.
wǒ xiǎnɡ yào yù dìnɡ yì jiān dān rén fánɡ.

Ask for travel information

1. How long does it take to get to the Forbidden City?
qù běi jīnɡ ɡù ɡōnɡ xū yào duō jiǔ ne?

2. What is the best way to the Great Wall?
nǐ nénɡ ɡào su wǒ qù chánɡ chénɡ zuì hǎo de fānɡ shì mɑ?

Taking Transportation

1. Is there an airport bus to the city?
这里有去市中心的机场巴士吗 ?
zhè lǐ yǒu qù shì zhōnɡ xīn de jī chǎnɡ bā shì mɑ? 

2. Where is the bus stop?
巴士站在哪里 ?
bā shì zhàn zài nǎ lǐ ?

3.What time does it leave?
jǐ diǎn fā chē? 

4.Where can I get a ticket?
zài nǎ lǐ mǎi piào?

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