Come and Hear the Magical Story of Turning Stone into Gold-点石成金 (diǎn shí chéng jīn)

Friday, May 17, 2024

In the realm of folklore and legends, there exists a captivating tale known as "Dian Shi Cheng Jin," which translates to "turning stone into gold." Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the origins, meaning, and enduring fascination surrounding this enchanting story.

The Origin of the Legend

"Dian Shi Cheng Jin" originates from ancient Chinese mythology and has been passed down through generations as a symbol of transformation and miraculous power. According to legend, there once lived a wise and virtuous sage who possessed the ability to turn ordinary stones into pure gold with a simple touch 触摸 (chù mō). This miraculous feat captured the imagination of people far and wide, earning the sage both admiration and reverence.

触摸 (chù mō), noun, touch


  1. The soft touch of the baby's hand filled her heart with warmth.
    Bǎobǎo róuruǎn de chùmō ràng tā de xīn chōngmǎnle wēnnuǎn.
  2. He gently touches the stone.

    Tā qīngqīng de chùmōzhe shítou.

Unveiling the Meaning

The tale of "Dian Shi Cheng Jin" carries profound symbolic meaning beyond its surface narrative. It serves as a metaphor for the transformative power of wisdom, virtue, and diligence. Just as the sage turns stone into gold, individuals have the potential to transform challenges into opportunities and adversity into prosperity through their inner qualities and actions.

The Enduring Fascination

Throughout history, the legend of "Dian Shi Cheng Jin" has captivated the hearts and minds of people across cultures. Its timeless appeal lies in its message of hope, resilience, and the boundless potential 潜力 (qián lì) for positive change. The allure of turning the seemingly impossible into reality continues to inspire and resonate with people seeking personal growth and transformation.

潜力 (qián lì), noun, potential


  1. She displayed great potential, leaving people hopeful for her future.
    Tā zhǎnxiàn chūle jùdà de qiánlì, ràng rénmen duì tā de wèilái chōngmǎn qídài.
  2. This project has significant potential to become a great success.
    Zhège xiàngmù yǒu hěn dà de qiánlì, kěyǐ chéngwéi yīgè jùdà de chénggōng.

Key Sentences:

  1. They turned challenges into opportunities, truly achieving the feat of turning stone into gold.
    Tāmen bǎ tiǎozhàn biàn chéngle jīhuì, zhēnzhèng zuòdàole diǎnshíchéngjīn.
  2. She always possesses the ability to turn stone into gold.
    Tā zǒngshì yǒuzhe diǎnshíchéngjīn de nénglì.
  3. He successfully turned stone into gold through his foresight.
    Tā píngjièzhe yuǎnjiàn, chénggōng diǎnshíchéngjīn.

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