Chinese Words and Phases for Speaking about Policeman(Pt. 2)

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

In last article, we have learned the words related to the work of the police. Did you remember them? Today we will learn some vocabularies related to police equipments. Let's learn together.


jǐnɡ chē 
警   车  
police car

zhì fú 
制  服 

jǐnɡ mào 
警   帽 
police cap

jínɡ quǎn 
警   犬 
police dog

jǐnɡ ɡùn 
警   棍 

shǒu kào 
手   铐

jiǎo liào  
脚   镣 

fánɡ dàn fú  
防   弹  服 
Bulletproof vest

jǐnɡ bào qì 
警   报  器 

huī zhānɡ 
徽  章    

duì jiǎnɡ jī 
对  讲    机 


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