Chinese Words and Phases for Speaking about Policeman(Pt. 1)

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

In this article, we will learn some words related to the police. Do you know what is the main job of the police? Let's study together.

nǚ jǐnɡ chá 
女 警   察  

rén mín jǐnɡ chá 
人  民  警   察 
people’s policeman

jǐnɡ chá jú 
警   察  局 
polices tation

xún luó  
巡  逻  

zhuā xián fàn 
抓   嫌   犯  
arrest suspects

zhuā zuì fàn 
抓   罪  犯 
catch criminals

zhènɡ rén 
证    人 

jū liú 
拘 留  

jū liú shì 
拘 留  室
Custody cell

zhènɡ jù 
证    据 

zhǐ wén 
指  纹  

xún wèn 
询  问  

shì fànɡ 
释  放  

bào àn 
报  案 

zhǐ kònɡ 
指  控  

kònɡ ɡào 
控   告  

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