Chinese Internet Slang: Homophonic to 'Real or Fake’-Zun Du Jia Du

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Hello everyone! Today, let's talk about something very interesting—imitating the language of cats and dogs! Have you ever tried to imitate your pet cat or dog talking? Perhaps you've just goofily mimicked their sounds, but in fact, the language of cats and dogs carries deeper meanings, and they can also understand our language. However, today we're not only discussing ordinary cat and dog language but also a fun trending term—'Zun Du Jia Du'.

Firstly, let's explain this trending term. "Zun Du Jia Du" is an imitation of the language of cats and dogs, originating from the Chinese words for "real or fake" in pronunciation. However, this phrase has been adapted to "Zun Du Jia Du" to mimic the sounds of cats and dogs. Interestingly, although this is just an imitation 模仿 (mó fǎng), it has become quite popular on the internet and is used to express various emotions and meanings.

模仿 (mó fǎng), noun, imitation


  1. Her imitation skills are impressive.
    Tā de mó fǎng jì qiǎo lìng rén tàn fú.
  2. A child learns to talk by imitation.
    xiǎo hái zi tōnɡ ɡuò mó fǎnɡ xué huì shuō huà。

"Zun Du Jia Du" is commonly used on the internet 互联网 (hù lián wǎng) as a humorous and ironic expression. It can be used to express skepticism about something or to inquire whether someone's statement is trustworthy. Here are some common scenarios where "Zun Du Jia Du" is used online:

  • Social Media Comments: People often share various opinions and insights on social media. When encountering a post that seems dubious or questionable, other users may reply with "Zun Du Jia Du?" to express doubt about the information.
  • Discussion Threads or Forum Posts: In discussion threads or forums, people frequently share their viewpoints and experiences. When someone shares seemingly unreliable information or something controversial, other users may respond with "Zun Du Jia Du?" to express skepticism.

互联网 (hù lián wǎng), noun, internet


  1. I use the internet every day.
    Wǒ měi tiān dōu shàng hù lián wǎng.
  2. The internet connects people from all over the world.
    Hù lián wǎng liánjiē le shìjiè gèdì de rénmen.

Key Sentences:

  • I really like apples.
    Wǒ hěn xǐhuān píngguǒ. 
  • Is it true or fake?
    Zūn dū jiǎ dū?
  • What does this mean?
    Zhè shì shénme yìsi?
  • "Zun Du Jia Du" means true or fake.
    Zūn dū jiǎ dū jiùshì zhēn de jiǎ de.

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