Three Relocations for a Better Future: The Story of Meng's Mother

Thursday, September 7, 2023

The story of 《孟母三迁》(Mèng Mǔ Sān Qiān) Meng's Mother's Three Moves is a famous historical anecdote from ancient China. It revolves around the determination and wisdom of Meng's mother, who moved her family three times in pursuit of a better education for her son, Meng Ke (also known as Mencius). This story reflects the importance of parental dedication and the sacrifices they make for their children's future.

This story holds a profound moral lesson. It showcases the belief that a child's potential can be nurtured through the right environment and education. Meng's mother believed that by providing her son with a conducive and nurturing atmosphere, he could grow up to be virtuous and wise. The story teaches us the value of a supportive environment in shaping a person's character and abilities.

Mèng (孟):

Pronunciation: The pronunciation of "m" is similar to the "m" in the English word "mother," but without the "uh" sound before the "m."

Mouth shape: Gently close your lips, and let the sound come out through your nose.


Pronunciation: The pronunciation of "mǔ" also starts with the "m" sound, and then adds a sound similar to "oo."

Mouth shape: At the beginning, keep your lips in the same shape as when saying "m," and then slightly round your mouth as you continue the sound.

Sān (三):

Pronunciation: The pronunciation of "sān" involves a clear "s" sound, "ān"sound like -an in "Juan".

Mouth shape: When pronouncing "s," lightly touch your tongue to the upper palate and quickly release it, keeping your lips in a natural state.

Qiān (迁):

Pronunciation: The pronunciation of "qiān" includes a clear "ch" sound for "q," "iān" like "yen".

Mouth shape: When pronouncing "q," press your tongue against the upper palate and quickly release it, slightly tightening your lips.

Key Sentences:

I read about "Meng's Mother Moves Three Times," and I felt the love of a mother from the story.
Wǒ dú le "Mèng Mǔ Sān Qiān," wǒ cóng zhè gè gùshì zhōng gǎnshòu dào le mǔ ài.

 I just learned about "Meng's Mother Moves Three Times."
Wǒ gāng xué le "Mèng Mǔ Sān Qiān."

The idiom "Mengzi's mother makes three moves" tells of a mother who did all she could to provide the best environment for her child.
“ mènɡ mǔ sān qiān ” zhè ɡe chénɡ yǔ jiǎnɡ shù de shì yí wèi mǔ qīn jié jìn quán lì wéi hái zi tí ɡōnɡ zuì hǎo de huán jìnɡ de ɡù shi.

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