Talk Like a Parrot-鹦鹉学舌 (yīnɡ wǔ xué shé)

Friday, November 24, 2023

In a zoo in a small town, there was a clever parrot that could mimic various sounds, becoming a gem in the zoo. Children loved playing around the parrot, and it, in turn, cleverly echoed human 语言 (yǔ yán) language and animal sounds.

语言 (yǔ yán), noun, language


  1. English is a widely spoken language. 
    Yīngyǔ shì yī zhǒng guǎngfàn shǐyòng de yǔyán.
  2. Learning a new language is challenging but rewarding. 
    Xuéxí yī mén xīn yǔyán jì yǒu tiǎozhàn yòu yǒu huíbào.

The Parrot's Acumen: Heritage and Innovation

As time passed, the parrot's mimicking abilities continued to evolve. It not only imitated people's conversations but also learned fresh vocabulary and trendy phrases. This made the zoo a major attraction in the town, drawing more visitors to witness this marvelous pet.

Inspiration of 鹦鹉学舌 (yīnɡ wǔ xué shé)

The tale of the parrot's mimicry tells us that learning is not only a process of heritage but also an opportunity for innovation. Just as the parrot passed down human language through 模仿 (mó fǎng) mimicry, we should cherish knowledge, creativity, and diversity, passing them on to the next generation.

模仿 (mó fǎng), noun, mimicry


  1. His mimicry of the teacher's voice was impressive. 
    Tā duì lǎoshī shēngyīn de mófǎng lìng rén yìnxiàng shēnkè.
  2. Mimicry is an essential skill in acting. 
    Mófǎng shì biǎoyǎn zhōng bì bù kěshǎo de jìnéng.

Modern Application

In contemporary society, this story reminds us to value the inheritance and innovation of knowledge. Just like the parrot not only echoed past sounds but also learned new expressions, we should preserve traditional wisdom while daring to innovate, driving societal progress.

Key Sentences:

  1. The clever parrot echoes phrases, entertaining the curious audience.
    Cōngmíng de yīngwǔ xuéshé, yúlèzhe hàoqí de guānzhòng.
  2. He always echoes like a parrot. 
    Tā zǒngshì yīngwǔ xué shé.
  3. I don't like others copying me; that's just parroting. 
    Wǒ bù xǐhuān biérén xué wǒ, zhè shì yīngwǔ xué shé.

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