Silence of the Birds-鸦雀无声 (yā què wú shēng)

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

In a peaceful village, one morning, the residents discovered an unusual silence—the birds, including crows and sparrows, ceased their joyful songs. The entire village fell into a deep quietude. Feeling uneasy, the villagers investigated and found that the nearby lake was polluted, causing the death of the birds and the ensuing silence. This story tells us that the absence of bird 声音 (shēng yīn) sounds is often a warning from nature, reminding people to cherish the environment and protect ecological balance.

声音 (shēng yīn), noun, sounds


  1. The sounds of nature are soothing.
    Zìrán de shēngyīn ràng rén xīnqíng níngjìng.
  2. The sounds of birds singing are delightful.
    Niǎo ér gēchàng de shēngyīn lìng rén yúyuè.


"鸦雀无声" signifies the disruption of natural balance, serving as a warning to humanity. The story inspires us to recognize the severity of environmental issues and prompts us to take action, urging us to protect 自然 (zì rán) natural resources and collectively build a beautiful Earth.

自然 (zì rán), adj, natural


  1. I love the natural beauty of the mountains.
    Wǒ xǐhuān shān de zìrán měijǐng.
  2. Eating fresh fruits is a natural way to stay healthy.
    Chī xīnxiān shuǐguǒ shì bǎochí jiànkāng de zìrán fāngshì.

Meaning of the Phrase

鸦雀无声 (yā què wú shēng): Idiom, describing an unusually quiet scene where birds cease to sing.

Modern Application

In modern society, "鸦雀无声" is often used metaphorically to describe the silence and desolation of a place. It is also symbolically linked to environmental degradation. The idiom encourages us to pay attention to environmental issues, actively participate in conservation efforts, and collectively maintain the ecological balance of our planet.

Key Sentences:

  1. The forest was silent, the silence of birds, a warning of environmental danger.
    Sēnlín jìjìng wúshēng, yāquè wúshēng, huánjìng wēixiǎn de jǐnggào.
  2. In the park, the silence of birds, a consequence of pollution.
    Gōngyuán nèi, yāquè wúshēng, wūrǎn de hòuguǒ.
  3. The river turned silent, the silence of birds, pleading for environmental care.
    Héshuǐ jìjìng wúshēng, yāquè wúshēng, hūyù huánbǎo.

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