Rabbit's Demise, Fox's Sorrow-兔死狐悲 (tù sǐ hú bēi)

Thursday, December 14, 2023

"兔死狐悲" (tù sǐ hú bēi) is a traditional Chinese fable that tells the story of a compassionate fox and a tragic event. In a dense forest, a sly fox named Hong (红 - Hóng) and a kind-hearted rabbit named Tuzi (兔子 - Tù zǐ) were close friends. They shared their joys and sorrows and helped each other.

One day, Tuzi fell seriously ill and, despite Hong's best efforts to find medicine, the rabbit passed away. The fox was devastated by the loss of his dear friend. Hong realized that his cunning ways couldn't save Tuzi's life. He deeply regretted not showing more kindness and compassion during their time together.

The Inspiration (启发 - Qǐfā)

"兔死狐悲" (tù sǐ hú bēi) serves as a poignant reminder of the value of compassion and genuine friendship. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in our own concerns and overlook the needs of others. This story encourages us to be 仁慈 (rén cí) kind, caring, and supportive to those around us, as true friendship and empathy are priceless.

仁慈 (rén cí), adj, kind


  1. She is a very kind person who always helps others in need.
    Tā shì yīgè fēicháng rén cí de rén, zǒngshì bāngzhù yǒu xūyào de rén.
  2. Being kind to animals is an important value we should teach our children.
    Duìdài dòngwù rén cí shì wǒmen yīnggāi jiàoyù háizi de zhòngyào jiàzhí guān.

Modern Application (现代如何运用 - Xiàndài Rúhé Yùnyòng)

The message of "兔死狐悲" (tù sǐ hú bēi) continues to be relevant in the modern era. In our busy lives, it is crucial to remember the importance of 同情 (tóng qíng) empathy and authentic friendships. This story reminds us to cherish the time spent with loved ones and to be there for them when they need us.

同情 (tóng qíng), noun, empathy


  1. She showed empathy by listening to her friend's problems.
    Tā tōngguò qīngtīng péngyǒu de wèntí lái biǎoxiàn chū tóngqíng.
  2. Empathy is important for understanding and supporting others.
    Tóngqíng duìyú lǐjiě hé zhīchí tārén shì zhòngyào de.

Key Sentences:

  1. The fox experienced "The rabbit dies and the fox is sad" when his best friend, the rabbit, passed away.
    Nà zhī húlí zài zuì hǎo de péngyǒu tùzi qùshì shí gǎndào "Tù Sǐ Hú Bēi".
  2. Showing compassion in difficult times can prevent "The rabbit dies and the fox is sad" in our relationships.
    Zài kùnnán shí biǎoxiàn chū tóngqíngxīn kěyǐ fángzhǐ zài wǒmen de guānxì zhōng chūxiàn "Tù Sǐ Hú Bēi".
  3. They treasure their friendship, as they never want to experience "The rabbit dies and the fox is sad."
    Tāmen zhēnxī yǒuyì, yīnwèi tāmen cóng bù xiǎng jīnglì "Tù Sǐ Hú Bēi".

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