Magpie Nest, Dove Occupy-鸠占鹊巢 (jiū zhàn què cháo)

Friday, November 17, 2023

In a dense forest, there was a magpie skilled in building nests. It invested much time and effort constructing its nest. However, one day, a pigeon invaded the magpie's territory and occupied the nest it had diligently built. The magpie felt furious, but the pigeon boldly proclaimed, "鸠占鹊巢, (jiū zhàn què cháo), might makes right!" This Chinese story tells us that sometimes the powerful take 优势 (yōu shì) advantage of others' efforts.

优势 (yōu shì), noun, advantage


  1. Having good communication skills is an advantage in the workplace.
    Zài zhíchǎng zhōng, jùbèi liánghǎo de gōutōng jìqiǎo shì yī zhǒng yōushì.
  2. Her experience gave her an advantage when applying for the job.
    Tā de jīngyàn ràng tā zài shēnqǐng gōngzuò shí zhànyǒu yōushì.

Inspiration of 鸠占鹊巢 (jiū zhàn què cháo)

"鸠占鹊巢" symbolizes the rule of the strong, implying that in certain situations, power and strength may prevail over justice and 公平 (gōng píng) fairness. It's not a positive value, but it warns us to be vigilant against the potential abuse of power, urging society to prioritize fairness and justice.

公平 (gōng píng), noun, fairness


  1. Fairness is essential for a just society.
    Gōngpíng duìyú yīgè gōngzhèng de shèhuì zhìguān zhòngyào.
  2. They emphasized the importance of fairness in the competition.
    Tāmen qiángdiàole bǐsài zhōng gōngpíng de zhòngyào xìng.

Meaning of the Phrase

鸠占鹊巢 (jiū zhàn què cháo): Idiom, metaphorically indicating the powerful encroaching on the territory of the weak.

Modern Application

In contemporary society, "鸠占鹊巢" still holds relevance. It calls for our attention to uphold justice and avoid the dominance of power over righteousness. It also reminds people to protect individual rights and prevent occurrences of unfairness.

Key Sentences:

  1. The bigger bird took the smaller one's nest,  bird usurps the magpie's nest.
    Dà niǎo bà zhànle xiǎo niǎo de cháoxué, jiū zhàn què cháo.
  2. In the forest, a pigeon claimed a magpie's nest,  bird usurps the magpie's nest.
    Sēnlín lǐ, yī zhǐ gēzi bàzhànle xǐquè de cháoxué, jiū zhàn què cháo.
  3. He took credit for others' achievements,  bird usurps the magpie's nest.
    Tā jiāng tārén de chéngjiù guīgòng yú zìjǐ, jiū zhàn què cháo.

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