Chinese story-volunteer one's services-mao sui zi jian-毛遂自荐

Friday, March 24, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-volunteer one's services. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

In the ninth year of King Xiaocheng of Zhao in the Warring States Period, Qin troops attacked Zhao.
Zhàn  guó  shí  zhào  xiào  chéng  wáng  jiǔ  nián  ,  qín  bīng  gōng  dǎ  zhào  guó  ,  

King Xiaocheng of Zhao ordered the king of Pingyuan, Zhao Sheng, to go to the state of Chu for help.
zhào  xiào  chéng  wàng  mìng  lìng  píng  yuán  jūn  zhào  shèng  dào  chǔ  guó  qù  qiú  jiù  ,  

Plain king's doorman Maosui volunteered to go with him.
píng  yuán  jūn  de  mén  kè  máo  suì  zhǔ  dòng  zì  jiàn  suí  tóng  qián  qù  。  

Lord Pingyuan negotiated with the king of Chu for a long time without success.
píng  yuán  jūn  yù  chǔ  wàng  tán  pàn  bàn  tiān  méi  yǒu  chéng  xiào  ,  

Maosui go to the palace, sword in hand, to state the stakes,
 máo  suì  shǒu  ná  bǎo  jiàn  zǒu  shàng  gōng  diàn  ,  chén  shù  lì  hài  guān  xì  ,  

Finally, the king of Chu was moved to jointly fight against the invasion of Qin.
zhōng  yú  dǎ  dòng  chǔ  wàng  chū  bīng  lián  hé  kàng  jī  qín  guó  de  qīn  lüè。 

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