Chinese story-Toss the cart-zhi guo ying che-掷果盈车

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Toss the cart. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Pan An was a famous handsome man in Chinese history,
pān  ān  shì  zhōng  guó  lì  shǐ  shàng  chū  le  míng  de  měi  nán  zǐ  ,  

Pan An is said to be famous for her beautiful looks,
jù  shuō  pān  ān  yīn  wèi  zhǎng  xiàng  jīng  yàn  ér  yuǎn  jìn  wén  míng  ,

In order to see Pan An's beauty,
 rén  men  wèi  le  néng  gòu  yī  dǔ  pān  ān  de  měi  mào  ,  

And every time Pan An travel will gather from the streets of the crowd onlookers.
 ér  zài  pān  ān  měi  yī  cì  chū  xíng  de  shí  hou  dū  huì  jù  jí  lái  zì  dà  jiē  xiǎo  xiàng  de  rén  qún  wéi  guān  。  

Among those who admired Pan's beauty,
zài  nà  xiē  xīn  shǎng  pān  ān  měi  mào  de  rén  qún  dàng  zhōng  , 

There are people of all ages,
yǒu  gè  gè  nián  líng  jiē  duàn  de  rén  ,

A lot of girls love Pan An in order to express their admiration for Pan An,
hěn  duō  ài  mù  pān  ān  de  shào  nǚ  wèi  le  néng  gòu  biǎo  dá  zì  jǐ  duì  pān  ān  de  yǎng  mù  ,  

Would throw flowers and fruit at the car he was riding in,
dou huì  xiàng  tā  suǒ  chéng  zuò  de  chē  shàng  rēng  yī  xiē  xiān  huā  hé  shuǐ  guǒ  ,  

That's the story of the toaster.
zhè  jiù  shì  zhì  guǒ  yíng  chē  de  diǎn  gù  。  

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