Chinese story-There is no silver here-ci di wu yin-此地无银

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-There is no silver here. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

In ancient times, there was a man named Zhang SAN,
gǔ  shí  hou,yǒu  gè  jiào  zhāng  sān  de  rén, 

He had worked hard to accumulate three hundred taels of silver and was very happy.
tā  fèi  le  hǎo  dà  de  jìng  er, cái jī  zǎn  sān  bǎi  liǎng  yín  zi,xīn  li  hěn  gāo  xìng。

But he was always afraid that others would steal it, so he found a chest,
dàn  tā  zǒng  shì  pà  bié  rén  tōu  qù, jiù  zhǎo  le  yī  zhǐ  xiāng  zi,

He nailed three hundred taels of silver into a chest and buried it in the ground behind the house.
bǎ  sān  bǎi  liǎng  yín  zi  dìng  zài  xiāng  zhōng,rán  hòu  mái  zài  wū  hòu  dì  xià。 
Still, he was afraid that others would come and dig,
kě  shì  tā  hái  shi  bù  fàng  xīn,pà  bié  rén  dào  zhè  er  lái  wā,

So he came up with an ingenious solution,
yú  shì  jiù  xiǎng  le  yī  gè  "  qiǎo  miào  "  de  bàn  fǎ,

on a piece of paper he wrote: "There is no silver here."
zài  zhǐ  zhāng  shàng  xiě  dào:"cǐ  dì  wú  yín  sān  bǎi  liǎng"qī  gè  zì ,

Stuck to the corner of the wall, then relieved to go.
tiē  zài  qiáng  jiǎo  biān,zhè  cái  fàng  xīn  de  zǒu  le。
Who knows what he's doing,it was all seen by Wang Er next door.
shuí  zhī  dào  tā  de  jǔ  dòng,dōu  bèi  gé  bì  de  wáng  èr  kàn  dao  le。

In the middle of the night, Wang Er stole all three hundred taels of silver.
bàn  yè,wáng  èr  bǎ  sān  bǎi  liǎng  yín  zi  quán  tōu  zǒu  le。 

In order not to let Zhang SAN know, he wrote on a piece of paper: "Wang Er next door did not steal" on the wall.
wèi  le  bù  ràng  zhāng  sān  zhī  dao,tā  zài  yī  zhāng  zhǐ  shàng  xiě  dào: "gé  bì  wáng  èr  bù  céng  tōu" tiē  zài qiáng  shàng。
Zhang SAN got up the next morning and went to the back of the house to look at the silver.
zhāng  sān  dì  èr  tiān  zǎo  shang  qǐ  lái,dào  wū  hòu  qù  kàn  yín  zi,

The silver was gone, and it dawned on him when he saw the note.
yín  zi  bù  jiàn  le,yī  jiàn  zhǐ  tiáo,cái  huǎng  rán  dà  wù。

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