Chinese story-Stand against the wall-bei shui yi zhan-背水一战

Monday, April 24, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Stand against the wall. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

During the conflict between Chu and Han, Liu Bang ordered General Han Xin to lead the army to attack Zhao.
chǔ  hàn  xiāng  zhēng  zhī  shí  ,  liú  bāng  mìng  dà  jiāng  hán  xìn  lǐng  bīng  gōng  dǎ  zhào  guó  。

The king of Zhao led two hundred thousand troops to meet the attack at Jingxing Pass in the Taihang Mountains.
zhào  wàng  dài  le  èr  shí  wàn  dà  jūn  zài  tài  háng  shān  de  jǐng  xíng  guān  yíng  jī  。  

At that time, Han Xin had only twelve thousand troops with him.
 dàng  shí  ,  hán  xìn  zhǐ  dài  le  yī  wàn  èr  qiān  rén  mǎ  。

In order to defeat Zhao's army, he stationed ten thousand men in a backwater formation near the river.
wèi  le  dǎ  bài  zhào  jūn  ,  tā  jiāng  yī  wàn  rén  zhù  zhā  zài  hé  bian  liè  le  yī  gè  bèi  shuǐ  zhèn  。  

Another two thousand light horses were sent to lurk around the Zhao camp.
 lìng  wài  pài  liǎng  qiān  qīng  qí  qián  fú  zài  zhào  jūn  jūn  yíng  zhōu  wéi  。

After the battle, Zhao's 200,000 troops attacked the 10,000 Han troops by the river.
jiāo  zhàn  hòu  ,  zhào  yíng  èr  shí  wàn  dà  jūn  xiàng  hé  bian  de  yī  wàn  hàn  jūn  shā  lái  。  

The Han army was faced with the enemy and had no choice but to fight to the death.
hàn  jūn  miàn  lín  dà  dí  ,  hòu  wú  tuì  lù  ,  zhǐ  néng  pīn  sǐ  fèn  zhàn  。

At this time, the two thousand soldiers who were lurking took advantage of the deficiency and invaded the Zhao camp.
 zhè  shí  qián  fú  de  nà  liǎng  qiān  shì  bīng  chéng  xū  gōng  jìn  zhào  yíng  。

The Zhao army was flanked and was soon defeated by Han Xin.
 zhào  jūn  zāo  dào  qián  hòu  jiā  jī  ,  hěn  kuài  bèi  hán  xìn  dǎ  bài  。  

After the war, some people asked: "The back of the water is a military taboo, why did the general knowingly do it?"
zhàn  hòu  yǒu  rén  wèn  :  “  bèi  shuǐ  liè  zhèn  nǎi  bīng  jiā  dà  jì  ,  jiāng  jūn  wèi  hé  míng  zhī  gù  fàn  ?  ”  

Han Xin said with a smile: "Home from death to life, this is recorded in the book of war."
hán  xìn  xiào  zhe  shuō:”zhì  zhī  sǐ  de  ér  hòu  shēng  ,  zhè  yě  shì  bīng  shū  shàng  yǒu  jì  zǎi  de  。”  

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