Chinese story-Return in perfect condition-wan bi gui zhao-完璧归赵

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Return in perfect condition. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

In the State of Zhao, there was a piece of priceless treasure called "He Shi Bi".
zhào  guó  yǒu  yī  kuài  wú  jià  zhī  bǎo,jiào  “  hé  shì  bì  "。

When the king of Qin heard about it, he wanted to buy it, but Lin Xiangru grabbed the round piece of He Clan and was ready to hit the wall.
qín  wàng  tīng  shuō  hòu  xiǎng  de  dào  tā ,dàn  lìn  xiāng  rú  zhuā  zhe  hé  shì  bì  zhǔn  bèi  zhuàng  qiáng  。

Or use the land city for bi; or he'll crash into a wall and die,
yào  me  yòng  chū  tǔ  dì  chéng  chí  huàn  bì,yào  me  tā  jiù  zhuàng  qiáng  bì  suì  rén  wáng  ,

The king of Qin had no choice but to let Lin Xiangru return to the state of Zhao with his bi.
qín  wàng  lǐ  qū  cí  qióng, jiù  zhǐ  dé  ràng  lìn  xiāng  rú  dài  zhe  hé  shì  bì  fǎn  huí  le  zhào  guó  。

Lin Xiangru, minister of the State of Zhao in the Warring States Period,
lìn  xiāng  rú,Zhàn  guó  shí  zhào  guó  dà  chén,zhào  huì  wén  wáng  shí  ,

Qin asked Zhao Qiang for the bi of the He family, and he was ordered to bring the bi to Qin. When the court tried hard, the original bi was returned to Zhao at last.
qín  xiàng  zhào  qiáng  yào  “  hé  shì  bì  ",tā  fèng  mìng  xié  bì  rù  qín,dàng  tíng  lì  zhēng,zuì  hòu  zhōng  yú  yuán bì  guī  zhào  。  

Zhao Huiwen 20 years, Lin Xiangru with the king of Zhao Mianchi make the king not humiliated.
zhào  huì  wén  wàng  20  nián,lìn  xiāng  rú  suí  zhào  wàng  dào  miǎn  chí  shǐ  zhào  wàng  bù  shòu  qū  rǔ 。
By virtue of his meritorious service, he was appointed senior secretary. Tolerant and humble to General Lian Po of Zhao,
yīn  gōng  rèn  wèi  shàng  qīng。duì  zhào  guó  dà  jiàng  lián  pō  róng  rěn  qiān  ràng  ,  

Lian Po was ashamed to wake up and became friends with him.
shǐ  lián  pō  cán  kuì  xǐng  wù,bǐ  cǐ  chéng  wéi  wěn  jǐng  zhī  jiāo  。  

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