Chinese story-Keep a secret-an du chen cang-暗度陈仓

Monday, March 27, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Keep a secret. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

At the end of the Qin Dynasty, the rulers rebelled against Qin. Liu Bang attacked Xianyang.
qín  mò  ,  qún  xióng  fǎn  qín  。  liú  bāng  gōng  jìn  xián  yáng  。

After Xiang Yu entered Guanzhong, he forced Liu Bang to withdraw from Guanzhong.
 xiàng  yǔ  jìn  Guān  zhōng  hòu  ,  bī  liú  bāng  tuì  chū  Guān  zhōng  。

At the banquet of Hongmen, Liu Bang escaped and retreated to Hanzhong.
 hóng  mén  yàn  shàng  ,  liú  bāng  tuō  xiǎn  hòu  ,  shuài  bù  tuì  zhù  hàn  zhōng  。 

Hanzhong to Guanzhong plank road all burned, said no longer return to Guanzhong.
jiāng  hàn  zhōng  tōng  wǎng  Guān  zhōng  de  zhàn  dào  quán  bù  shāo  huǐ  ,  biǎo  shì  bù  zài  fǎn  huí  Guān  zhōng  。  

In 206 BC, Liu Bang sent Han Xin to the East.
 gōng  yuán  qián  206  nián  ,  liú  bāng  ,  pài  hán  xìn  dōng  zhēng  。 

Before the battle, Han Xin sent soldiers to repair the trestle road.
 chū  zhēng  qián  ,  hán  xìn  pài  le  shì  bīng  qù  xiū  fù  zhàn  dào  。 

Upon hearing the news, the garrison in Guanzhong closely followed the progress of repairing the plank road and stepped up precautions.
Guān  zhōng  shǒu  jūn  wén  xùn  ,  mì  qiè  zhù  shì  xiū  fù  zhàn  dào  de  jìn  zhǎn  qíng  kuàng  ,  jiā  jǐn  fáng  fàn  。  

Han Xin's "open road" action attracted the attention of the enemy,
hán  xìn  “  míng  xiū  zhàn  dào  ”  de  xíng  dòng  ,  xī  yǐn  le  dí  jūn  zhù  yì  lì  ,  

Lure the main enemy to the plank road line, and then immediately send the army around Chencang attack, in one stroke to put down the Three Qin.
bǎ  dí  jūn  zhǔ  lì  yǐn  yòu  dào  zhàn  dào  yī  xiàn  ,  ér  hòu  lì  jí  pài  dà  jūn  rào  dào  chén  cāng  fā  dòng  xí  jī  ,  yī  jǔ  píng  dìng  sān  qín  。  


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