Chinese story-Houyi shoots the sun-hou yi she ri-后羿射日

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Houyi shoots the sun. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

In ancient times, there was a severe drought on the earth.
yuǎn  gǔ  de  shí  hou,dà  dì  chū  xiàn  le  yán  zhòng  de  hàn  zāi。  

The heat scorched the forest and dried the earth,
yán  rè  kǎo  jiāo  le  sēn  lín,hōng  gān  le  dà  dì,

Dried seedlings and plants.
shài  gàn  le  hé  miáo  cǎo  mù。

Originally,Dijun and Xihe had ten children, all of them were suns,
yuán  lái,dì  jùn  yù  xī  hé  shēng  le  10  gè  hái  zi  dōu  shì  tài  yáng,

They lived in the East overseas. There was a big tree in the sea called Fusang.
tā  men  zhù  zài  dōng  fāng  hǎi  wài,hǎi  shuǐ  zhōng  yǒu  kē  dà  shù  jiào  fú  sāng。  

Ten SUNS sleep under the branches, and come out in turn to serve in the sky and shine on the earth.
shi  gè  tài  yáng  shuì  zài  zhī  tiáo  de  dǐ  xia,lún  liú  pǎo  chū  lái  zài  tiān  kōng  zhí  qín,zhào  yào  dà  dì。  

But sometimes, they all come together to bring disaster to mankind.
dàn  yǒu  shí,tā  men  yī  qí  chū  lái  gěi  rén  lèi  dài  lái  le  zāi  nàn。  
In order to save mankind, Yi put his bow and arrow and shot at the nine SUNS.
wèi  le  zhěng  jiù  rén  lèi,yì  zhāng  gōng  dā  jiàn,xiàng  nà  jiu gè  tài  yáng  shè  qù。
The sky burst into a fireball, falling only a three-legged black.
zhǐ  jiàn  tiān  kōng  chū  xiàn  bào  liè  de  huǒ  qiú,zhuì  xià  yī  zhǐ  zhǐ  sān  zú  wù。 

In the end, there was only one sun left in the sky, so the people hailed Houyi as a hero.
zuì  hòu,tiān  shang  zhǐ  liú  xià  yī  gè  tài  yáng,rén  mín  yīn  cǐ  jiāng  hòu  yì  yù  wéi  yīng  xióng。

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