Chinese story-High mountains and flowing water-gao shan liu shui-高山流水

Monday, April 10, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Hang the beam and prick the stock. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

When boya plays the piano, the clock is listening.
bó  yá  tán  qín  ,  zhōng  zǐ  qī  líng  tīng  。 

At first, the music seemed to praise the lofty mountains.
gāng  kāi  shǐ  ,  qín  shēng  sì  zài  zàn  měi  zhe  wēi  wēi  de  gāo  shān  。 

Zhong Ziqi said, "How good you are! It was like seeing Mount Tai soaring into the sky."
zhōng  zǐ  qī  shuō  :  “  tán  de  zhēn  hǎo  a  !  fǎng  fú  jiàn  dào  le  gāo  sǒng  rù  yún  de  tài  shān  。  ” 

After a while, the music seemed to show the surging waves,
guò  le  yī  huì  er  ,  qín  shēng  yòu  sì  biǎo  xiàn  chū  bēn  téng  péng  pài  de  bō  tāo  ,  

Zhong Ziqi said again, "How good you are! Wide and vast, the waves rolling like rivers."
zhōng  zǐ  qī  yòu  shuō  :  “  tán  de  zhēn  hǎo  a  !  kuān  guǎng  hào  dàng  ,  bō  tāo  gǔn  gǔn  rú  jiāng  hé  。  ”

After Zhong Ziqi's death, Boya broke the piano and stopped playing for the rest of his life.
zhōng  zǐ  qī  sǐ  hòu  ,  bó  yá  shuāi  qín  ,  duàn  xián  ,  yī  bèi  zi  bù  zài  tán  qín  le  , 

He felt that there was no bosom friend worth playing for him like Zhong Ziqi.
 tā  jué  de  shì  shàng  zài  yě  méi  yǒu  xiàng  zhōng  zǐ  qī  nà  yàng  de  zhī  yīn  zhí  de  zì  jǐ  wèi  tā  tán  zòu  le  。  

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