Chinese story-Go all out-yi gu zuo qi-一鼓作气

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Go all out. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), there was a war between the states of Qi and Lu.
chūn  qiū  shí  ,  yǒu  yī  cì  qí  guó  hé  lǔ  guó  jiāo  zhàn  。 

When the Qi army played the first drum,
dàng  qí  jūn  dǎ  guò  dì  yī  tòng  gǔ  de  shí  hou  ,

The Duke of Lu Zhuang will also order the drum to be ready for the attack.
lǔ  zhuāng  gōng  yě  yào  xià  lìng  lèi  gǔ  ,  zhǔn  bèi  chōng  jī  ,

But General Cao Ji stopped it.
dàn  dà  jiāng  jūn  cáo  pàn  zǔ  zhǐ  zhù  le  。

Until the third drum was beaten by the Qi army,
yī  zhí  děng  dào  qí  jūn  lèi  guò  dì  sān  tòng  gǔ  shí  ,  

Cao Verdict said to Duke Lu Zhuang: Courage is the key to war.
cáo  pàn  duì  lǔ  zhuāng  gōng  shuō  :  dǎ  zhàng  kào  de  shì  yǒng  qì  ,  

At the first beating of the drum, the soldier's courage was greatly roused,
dì  yī  cì  jī  gǔ  shí  ,  shì  bīng  de  yǒng  qì  dà  dà  zhèn  zuò  ,

The second time was worse, and by the third time,
dì  èr  cì  jiù  yào  chà  yī  xiē  ,  dào  dì  sān  cì  jī  gǔ  shí  , 

The soldier had little courage.
shì  bīng  jī  hū  méi  yǒu  yǒng  qì  le  。

While the enemy has lost his courage, our courage is high,
dàng  dí  rén  yǐ  méi  yǒu  yǒng  qì  shí  ,  ér  wǒ  jūn  yǒng  qì  zhèng  gāo  zhǎng  ,  

This is the best time to win.
zhè  cái  shì  qǔ  shèng  de  zuì  hǎo  shí  jī  。  

With Cao's help, Lu Zhuang Gong won the battle.
 zài  cáo  pàn  de  bāng  zhù  xià  ,  lǔ  zhuāng  gōng  dǎ  shèng  le  zhè  yī  zhàng  。

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