Bits and Pieces-鸡零狗碎 (jī líng gǒu suì)

Thursday, November 9, 2023

鸡零狗碎 (jī líng gǒu suì) is a Chinese idiom that literally translates to "chicken feathers and dog hair." It is used to describe small, trivial things or a scattered mess. In this article, we will explore the origins of this idiom, its meaning, and how it can be applied in modern contexts.

Origins of 鸡零狗碎 (jī líng gǒu suì)

鸡零狗碎 (jī líng gǒu suì) is believed to have originated from an old Chinese story. In ancient times, a group of people gathered to discuss an important matter. Among them, there were a few dogs and chickens. However, when the discussions became heated, the dogs started barking, and the chickens flapped their wings and scattered. This chaos made it impossible to continue the meeting, and the term 鸡零狗碎 was coined to describe the scattered 混乱 (hùn luàn) mess.

混乱 (hùn luàn), verb, mess


  1. The room is a mess. 
    Fángjiān hěn hùnluàn.
  2. My brain is a mess.
    Wǒ de dànǎo hěn hùnluàn.


The idiom 鸡零狗碎 is used to describe trivial or insignificant matters that disrupt or scatter, making it challenging to focus on important issues. It highlights the distractions that can 阻碍 (zǔ ài) hinder progress or the chaos that can disrupt order.

阻碍 (zǔ ài), verb, hinder


  1. The heavy rain may hinder our outdoor plans. 
    Dà yǔ kěnéng huì zǔ'ài wǒmen de hùwài jìhuà.
  2. Don't let fear hinder your progress. 
    Bùyào ràng kǒngjù zǔ'ài nǐ de jìnbù.

Modern Application

In modern contexts, 鸡零狗碎 can be applied to various situations. It can describe small, everyday disturbances or distractions that divert attention from more significant tasks. For example, it might refer to interruptions like phone notifications, small talk in a meeting, or minor inconveniences that disrupt daily routines.

Key Sentences:

  1. My workday is full of trivial matters interruptions.
    Wǒ de gōngzuò rì chōngmǎnle jī líng gǒu suì de gānrǎo.
  2. He couldn't focus on his studies with so many trivial matters noises around.
    Yǒu zhème duō jī líng gǒu suì de zàoyīn, tā wúfǎ jízhōng jīnglì xuéxí.
  3. Don't let trivial matters distractions keep you from your goals.
    Bùyào ràng jī líng gǒu suì de gānrǎo zǔzhǐ nǐ shíxiàn mùbiāo.

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