A Dragonfly's Ripple-蜻蜓点水 (qīng tíng diǎn shuǐ)

Friday, November 17, 2023

Beside a tranquil pond, there was a dragonfly named Xiao Dian. Xiao Dian was tiny and nimble, often lightly touching the water's surface. One day, Xiao Dian was ridiculed by other insects who thought its actions were insignificant. However, a wise elder dragonfly told Xiao Dian, "蜻蜓点水 (qīng tíng diǎn shuǐ), signifies that despite being small, one can have a profound impact." Encouraged by this wisdom, Xiao Dian bravely continued the habit of 蜻蜓点水 and eventually became the leading 蜻蜓 (qīng tíng) dragonfly in the pond, guiding positive changes.

蜻蜓 (qīng tíng), noun, dragonfly


  1. The dragonfly gracefully hovered over the pond.
    Qīngtíng yōuyǎ de fēiwǔ zài chítáng shàngkōng.
  2. Children love chasing dragonflies in the sunny meadow.
    Háizimen xǐhuān zài yángguāng míngmèi de cǎodì shàng zhuīzhú qīngtíng.

Inspiration of 蜻蜓点水 (qīng tíng diǎn shuǐ)

"蜻蜓点水" tells us that seemingly small actions can have significant consequences. No matter what we do, as long as we persist, we can accumulate small efforts and become a force for change. Everyone has the potential to influence the world positively, and with dedication, a 美丽 (měi lì) beautiful future can be created.

美丽 (měi lì), adj, beautiful


  1. The sunset was incredibly beautiful, painting the sky with vibrant colors.
    Rìluò fēicháng měilì, yòng xuànlì de sècǎi diǎnzhuìle tiānkōng.
  2. His dress is extremely beautiful.
    Tā de qúnzi fēicháng měilì.

Meaning of the Phrase

蜻蜓点水 (qīngtíng diǎn shuǐ): Idiom, metaphorically suggesting small yet impactful actions.

Modern Application

In modern society, "蜻蜓点水" still holds profound insights. It reminds us to value small kindnesses and impacts, indicating that everyone has a responsibility to make positive contributions in society, even if it's just a small effort.

Key Sentences:

  1. Every act matters, the touch of a dragonfly on the water, influencing the world positively.
    Měi yī jǔdòng dōu zhòngyào, qīngtíng diǎn shuǐ, jījí de yǐngxiǎng zhe shìjiè.
  2. With tiny efforts, the touch of a dragonfly on the water, we can make a big difference.
    Xiǎo xiǎo nǔlì, qīngtíng diǎn shuǐ, wǒmen néng chuàngzào zhòngdà biànhuà.
  3. The touch of a dragonfly on the water, created ripples on the pond.
    Qīngtíng diǎn shuǐ, zài chítáng shàng zhìzào le liányī.

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