Chinese Songs-To pick up beans-shi dou dou-拾豆豆

Monday, March 13, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named To pick up beans. Do you know how to sing the song? Let's begin.

A chubby girl, ah.
pànɡ yā yā, āi。 

And a pretty girl.
jùn niū niū。
Hand in hand to cross ditch.
shǒu qiān zhuó shǒu ér ɡuò ɡōu ɡōu。 

Cross ditch, and pick beans.
ɡuò ɡōu ɡōu, shí dòu dòu。 

Then get a bag of beans.
yì shí shí liǎo yì dōu dōu, 

Then get a bag of beans, hey.
yì shí jiu shí liǎo yì dōu dōu,hēi。 

Golden beans, ah.
jīn dòu dòu,āi。 

Silver beans.
yín dòu dòu。 

All the round red beans.
yuán bù liū liū de hónɡ dòu dòu。
Pick it up, one by one.
yì kē kē,shí dào shǒu。
The harvest fruits can not be lost, 
fēnɡ shōu ɡuǒ shí bù nénɡ diū,
The harvest fruits can not be lost, hey.
丰收的果实不能丢, 嘿。 
fēnɡ shōu de ɡuǒ shí bù nénɡ diū,hēi。 

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