Chinese Songs-The windmill-da feng che-大风车

Friday, March 10, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about The windmill. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

The windmill creaked round and round. What a beautiful view here,
dà  fēng  chē  zhī  ya  zī  yo  yo  de  zhuàn , zhè  lǐ  de  fēng  jǐng  ya  zhēn  hǎo  kàn,
Beautiful sky,Beautiful land,
天好看 ,地好看,
tiān  hǎo  kàn , di  hǎo  kàn,
And a happy friend,
hái  yǒu  yī  qǐ  kuài  lè  de  xiǎo  huǒ  bàn,
The windmill went round and round,
dà  fēng  chē  zhuàn  a  zhuàn  yōu  yōu,

Happy partners holding hands,
kuài  lè  de  huǒ  bàn  shǒu  qiān  zhe  shǒu,

Take your hand, take my hand,
qiān  zhe  nǐ  de  shǒu, qiān  zhe  wǒ  de  shǒu,
Today's friend,
jīn  tiān  de  xiǎo  huǒ  bàn, 

A good friend of tomorrow,Good friend.
míng  tiān  de  hǎo  péng  yǒu , hǎo  péng  yǒu。

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