Chinese Songs-The Smurfs-lan jing ling-蓝精灵

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about the Smurfs. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

Beyond the mountains beyond the sea,
在那山的那边 海的那边,
zài  nà  shān  de  nà  biān  hǎi  de  nà  biān,

There's a bunch of Smurfs,
yǒu  yī  qún  lán  jīng  líng,

They are lively and clever,
tā  men  huó  po  yòu  cōng  ming,

They are naughty and clever,
tā  men  tiáo  pí  yòu  líng  lì,

They live there freely,
tā  men  zì  yóu  zì  zài  shēng  huó  zài  nà,

The big green forest,
lǜ  sè  de  dà  sēn  lín,

They're kind and brave and they care about each other,
tā  men  shàn  liáng  yǒng  gǎn  xiāng  hù  dōu  guān  xīn,

Oh cute Smurfs,
哦 可爱的蓝精灵,
ó  kě  ài  de  lán  jīng  líng,

Oh cute Smurfs,
哦 可爱的蓝精灵,
ó  kě  ài  de  lán  jīng  líng,

They put their heads together,
tā  men  qí  xīn  hé  lì  kāi  dòng  nǎo  jīn,

Gargamel was defeated in the fight,
dòu  bài  le  gē  gē  wū,

They sing and dance happily and joyfully.
tā  men  chàng  gē  tiào  wǔ  kuài  lè  duō  huān  xǐ。 

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