Chinese Songs-Small little boy-xiao er lang-小儿郎

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Small little boy. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Small little boy, carrying the bag into school, not afraid of the sun,
小么小儿郎 , 背着那书包进学堂 , 不怕太阳晒,
xiǎo  me  xiǎo  ér  láng,  bēi  zhe  nà  shū  bāo  jìn  xué  táng , bù  pà  tài  yáng  shài, 

I'm not afraid of the storm, I'm afraid the gentleman will scold me for being lazy.
也不怕那风雨狂 , 只怕那先生骂我懒呐,
yě  bù  pà  nà  fēng  yǔ  kuáng,  zhǐ  pà  nà  xiān  sheng  mà  wǒ  lǎn  nà, 

No knowledge, no face to see parents, Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang,
méi  yǒu  xué  wen  ó  wú  liǎn  jiàn  diē  niáng , lǎng  li  gé  lǎng  li  gé  lǎng  li  gé  lǎng,  

No knowledge oh no face to see parents,
méi  yǒu  xué  wen  ó  wú  liǎn  jiàn  diē  niáng, 

little little children,
xiǎo  me  xiǎo  ér  láng,  

Carrying that satchel to school, is not for the sake of government or prestige,
背着那书包进学堂,  不是为做官,  也不是为面子光 ,
bēi  zhe  nà  shū  bāo  jìn  xué  táng,  bù  shì  wèi  zuò  guān,  yě  bù  shì  wèi  miàn  zi  guāng,   

Just for the poor to get out of the way to avoid being bullied for not being a cow and a sheep,
只为穷人要翻身呐,  不受人欺负 为不做牛和羊,
zhǐ  wèi  qióng  rén  yào  fān  shēn  nà,  bù  shòu  rén  qī  fu  wèi  bù  zuò  niú  hé  yáng , 

Langley Grang Grang Grang doesn't get bullied for not being a cow and a sheep.
朗里格朗里格朗里格朗 , 不受人欺负 ,为不做牛和羊。
lǎng  li  gé  lǎng  li  gé  lǎng  li  gé  lǎng , bù  shòu  rén  qī  fu , wèi  bù  zuò  niú  hé  yáng。

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