Chinese Songs- Sing the four seasons-si ji tong yao-四季童谣

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about the four seasons. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

 Spring comes, spring comes, the fields are green and the cattle and sheep are good.
春天到春天到 田野青青牛羊好,
chūn  tiān  dào  chūn  tiān  dào  tián  yě  qīng  qīng  niú  yáng  hǎo, 

Spring comes, spring comes,  clear rivers, fragrant flowers,
春天到春天到 山河清清花朵香,
chūn  tiān  dào  chūn  tiān  dào  shān  hé  qīng  qīng  huā  duǒ  xiāng,

The willows are green and the birds are jumping and the river is singing softly,
杨柳青青 小鸟跳呀 河水轻轻唱儿谣,
yáng  liǔ  qīng  qīng  xiǎo  niǎo  tiào  ya  hé  shuǐ  qīng  qīng  chàng  er  yáo,
Spring comes, spring comes, spring comes, spring comes, the baby grows taller,
春天到春天到春天到春天到 春天的宝宝又长高,
chūn  tiān  dào  chūn  tiān  dào  chūn  tiān  dào  chūn  tiān  dào  chūn  tiān  de  bǎo  bǎo  yòu  zhǎng  gāo,
Summer comes, summer comes, thunder and hail in the sky,
夏天到夏天到 天上打雷下冰雹,
xià  tiān  dào  xià  tiān  dào  tiān  shang  dǎ  léi  xià  bīng  báo,
Summer comes, summer comes, the cicadas call on the big locust tree,
夏天到夏天到 大槐树上知了叫,
xià  tiān  dào  xià  tiān  dào  dà  huái  shù  shàng  zhī  liǎo  jiào,
Daddy's beer bubbled, Grandma shake fan,
bà  ba  de  pí  jiǔ  mào  bái  pào  ya  nǎi  nǎi  de  shàn  zi  yáo  a  yáo,

Summer comes, summer comes, summer comes, summer comes, summer babies don't sleep well,
夏天到夏天到夏天到夏天到 夏天的宝宝睡不好,
xià  tiān  dào  xià  tiān  dào  xià  tiān  dào  xià  tiān  dào  xià  tiān  de  bǎo  bǎo  shuì  bù  hǎo,

Autumn comes, autumn comes, blue sky, white clouds, scenery is good,
秋天到秋天到 蓝天白云风景好,
qiū  tiān  dào  qiū  tiān  dào  lán  tiān  bái  yún  fēng  jǐng  hǎo,

Autumn comes, autumn comes, go fishing by the river,
秋天到秋天到 坐在河边把鱼钓,
qiū  tiān  dào  qiū  tiān  dào  zuò  zài  hé  bian  bǎ  yú  diào,

Geese line up to fly south, fly a kite and follow to run,
dà  yàn  pái  duì  xiàng  nán  fēi  a  fàng  gè  fēng  zheng  gēn  zhe  pǎo,  

Autumn comes, autumn comes, autumn comes, autumn comes, autumn comes, autumn baby bounce,
秋天到秋天到秋天到秋天到 秋天的宝宝蹦蹦跳,
qiū  tiān  dào  qiū  tiān  dào  qiū  tiān  dào  qiū  tiān  dào  qiū  tiān  de  bǎo  bǎo  bèng  bèng  tiào,
Winter comes, winter comes, put on a red cotton-padded jacket,
冬天到冬天到 赶快穿上红棉袄,
dōng  tiān  dào  dōng  tiān  dào  gǎn  kuài  chuān  shàng  hóng  mián  ǎo,
Winter comes, winter comes, run outside to join the fun,
冬天到冬天到 跑出门外凑热闹,
dōng  tiān  dào  dōng  tiān  dào  pǎo  chū  mén  wài  còu  rè  nao,

Set off firecrackers while covering ears and eat rice cakes with snow,
wǔ  zhe  ěr  duo  fàng  biān  pào  ya  zhān  zhe  xuě  huā  chī  nián  gāo,

Winter comes, winter comes, winter comes, winter comes, winter comes, sing the four seasons in winter.
冬天到冬天到冬天到冬天到 冬天里唱起四季谣。                     
dōng  tiān  dào  dōng  tiān  dào  dōng  tiān  dào  dōng  tiān  dào  dōng  tiān  li  chàng  qǐ  sì  jì  yáo。

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