Chinese Songs-Let's swing the oars-rang wo men dang qi shuang jiang-让我们荡起双桨

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song let's swing the oars. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

Let's swing the oars,
ràng  wǒ  men  dàng  qǐ  shuāng  jiǎng,

The boat pushed the waves,
 xiǎo  chuán  er  tuī  kāi  bō  làng,

The sea reflected the beautiful white tower,
hǎi  miàn  dào  yìng  zhe  měi  lì  de  bái  tǎ , 

It is surrounded by green trees and red walls,
sì  zhōu  huán  rǎo  zhe  lǜ  shù  hóng  qiáng , 

The boat drifted gently in the water,
xiǎo  chuán  er  qīng  qīng  piāo  dàng  zài  shuǐ  zhōng,

There was a cool wind blowing in my face.
yíng  miàn  chuī  lái  le   liáng  shuǎng  de  fēng.

The red scarf met the sun,
hóng  lǐng  jīn  yíng  zhe  tài  yáng, 

The sun was shining on the sea,
yáng  guāng  sǎ  zài  hǎi  miàn  shàng,  

The fish in the water looked at us,
shuǐ  zhōng  yú  er  wàng  zhe  wǒ  men,

Listen  to our happy singing quietly,
qiāo  qiāo  de  tīng  wǒ  men  yú  kuài  gē  chàng,  

The boat drifted gently in the water,
xiǎo  chuán  er  qīng  qīng  piāo  dàng  zài  shuǐ  zhōng,

There was a cool wind blowing in my face.
yíng  miàn  chuī  lái  le  liáng  shuǎng  de  fēng.  

Finished the day's homework,
zuò  wán  le  yī  tiān  de  gōng  kè, 
Let's have some fun,
wǒ  men  lái  jìn  qíng  huān  lè, 

I ask your dear companion,
wǒ  wèn  nǐ  qīn  ài  de  huǒ  bàn, 

Who will arrange a happy life for us,
shuí  gěi  wǒ  men  ān  pái  xià  xìng  fú  de  shēng  huó,  

The boat drifted gently in the water,
xiǎo  chuán  er  qīng  qīng  piāo  dàng  zài  shuǐ  zhōng, 

There was a cool wind blowing in my face.
yíng  miàn  chuī  lái  le  liáng  shuǎng  de  fēng. 

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