Chinese songs-Hale brothers-hai er xiong di-海尔兄弟

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Hale brothers. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Thunder makes rain, oh,
dǎ  léi  yào  xià  yǔ  ,  lei  ó  ,

(What?), umbrellas in the rain,
(  shén  me  )  ,  xià  yǔ  yào  dǎ  sǎn ,

Oh, (I know that too),
lei  ó  ,  (  zhè  wǒ  yě  zhī  dao  ) ,
Wear padded jacket in cold weather, Heilo,
tiān  lěng  chuān  mián  ǎo  ,  lei  ó,

Heilow, hot fan,
lei  āi  yō  ,  tiān  rè  shàn  shàn  zi  ,

Wisdom is, (say it),
智慧就是,(说呀) , 
zhì  huì  jiù  shì  ,  (  shuō  ya  ),  

It's that simple. When it thunders, it rains,
zhè  me  jiǎn  dān  ,  dǎ  léi  yào  xià  yǔ ,

Take an umbrella when it rains, Heilo,
xià  yǔ  yào  dǎ  sǎn  ,  lei  ó ,

(I know that too.) Wear a padded jacket in cold weather,
(  zhè  wǒ  yě  zhī  dao  )  ,  tiān  lěng  chuān  mián  ǎo,
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
lei  ó  ,  lei  āi  yō  ,

The day is hot fan, wisdom is,
tiān  lěng  chuān  mián  ǎo  ,  lei  ó ,
(Say it), it's so simple,
(  shuō  ya  )  ,  zhè  me  jiǎn  dān ,
Why does it thunder and rain, (why),
wèi  shén  me  huì  dǎ  léi  xià  yǔ  ,  (  wèi  shén  me  ) ,

Why is there winter and summer?
wèi  shén  me  huì  dǎ  léi  xià  yǔ  ,  (  wèi  shén  me  ),
(Well, that's a hard question), there's a million things we don't know,
 (  ēn,  shì  gè  nán  tí  )  ,  bù  zhī  dao  de  ào  mì  wàn  wàn  qiān  qiān, 

Wisdom is simple, but not simple.
zhì  huì  jiǎn  dān  ,  yòu  bù  jiǎn  dān  。

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