Chinese Songs-Country lane-xiang jian xiao lu-乡间小路

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about Country lane. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

Walking down a country road,
zǒu  zài  xiāng  jiān  de  xiǎo  lù  shang,

The old cow is my companion,
mù  guī  de  lǎo  niú  shì  wǒ  tóng  bàn,

Blue sky with sunset in the chest, 
lán  tiān  pèi  duǒ  xī  yáng  zài  xiōng  táng,

Colorful clouds are the clothes of sunset, 
bīn  fēn  de  yún  cǎi  shì  wǎn  xiá  de  yī  shang,

Put a hoe on your shoulder,  
hé  bǎ  chú  tou  zài  jiān  shàng,

The song of the shepherd boy is rippling,  
mù  tóng  de  gē  shēng  zài  dàng  yàng,

Woo-woo woo-woo they sing, 
wō  wū  wō  wū  tā  men  chàng,

A piccolo was playing,  
hái  yǒu  yī  zhī  duǎn  dí  yǐn  yuē  zài  chuī  xiǎng,

The smile is written on the face,  
xiào  yì  xiè  zài  liǎn  shàng,

Hum a little country song,
hēng  yī  qǔ  xiāng  jū  xiǎo  chàng,

Let my thoughts fly in the night breeze, 
rèn  sī  xù  zài  wǎn  fēng  zhōng  fēi  yáng,

How many lonely melancholy,  
duō  shao  luò  mò  chóu  chàng,

All are carried away by the night wind,
dōu  suí  wǎn  fēng  piāo  sàn,

Forgotten on a country road. 
yí  wàng  zài  xiāng  jiān  de  xiǎo  lù  shang。  

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