Chinese Songs-Brushing song-shua ya ge-刷牙歌

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Brushing song. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

I brush, I brush, I brush,
wǒ  shuā  wǒ  shuā  wǒ  shuā  shuā  shuā,
I go up and down I go back and forth,
我上上下下 我前前后后,
wǒ  shàng  shang  xià  xià  wǒ  qián  qián  hòu  hòu,  

I carefully I gently soft,
我仔仔细细 我轻轻柔柔,
wǒ  zǐ  zǐ  xì  xì  wǒ  qīng  qīng  róu  róu,  

I go to bed happy and get up,
我快快乐乐 睡前起床,
wǒ  kuài  kuai  lē  lē  shuì  qián  qǐ  chuáng, 

Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after three meals,
三餐饭后 刷牙漱口,
sān  cān  fàn  hòu  shuā  yá  shù  kǒu, 

Because teeth are my best friends,
yīn  wèi  yá  chǐ  shì  wǒ  de  hǎo  péng  yǒu,

There are so many good things to eat,                                                                                                                            好吃的东西真多,
hào  chī  de  dōng  xi  zhēn  duō, 

Jam the entrance all the way,
xī  li  huā  lā  tōng  tōng  sāi  rù  kǒu,  

Most afraid is a mouth full of moth,
zuì  pà  shì  mǎn  zuǐ  de  zhù  chóng,

Can't bite into any good candy,
shén  me  hǎo  táng  yě  dōu  yǎo  bù  dòng,  

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hēi  hēi  hēi  hēi  hēi, 

There is a big hole in your tooth,
nǐ  de  yá  chǐ  yǒu  yī  gè  dà  kū  long, 

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hēi  hēi  hēi  hēi  hēi, 

Dentists will always be different from me,
yá  yī  yǒng  yuǎn  hé  wǒ  bù  tóng  guó,  

I brush, I brush, I brush,
wǒ  shuā  wǒ  shuā  wǒ  shuā  shuā  shuā, 

Give him a gentle squeeze of toothpaste,
yá  gāo  qīng  qīng  gěi  tā  jǐ  yī  xià,  

I brush, I brush, I brush,
wǒ  shuā  wǒ  shuā  wǒ  shuā  shuā  shuā, 

I don't want to be called rhubarb teeth. 
wǒ  bù  yào  rén  jia  jiào  wǒ  dà  huáng  yá.                                                                                                                         

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