Chinese Songs-Big head son little head father-da tou er zi xiao tou ba ba-大头儿子小头爸爸

Monday, February 27, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about big head son little head father. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

Big head son little head father,
大头儿子 小头爸爸,
dà  tóu  ér  zi  xiǎo  tóu  bà  ba,  

Good friends happy father and son,
yī  duì  hǎo  péng  yǒu  kuài  lè  fù  zǐ  liǎ,
The son has a big head and a small hand,
ér  zi  de  tou  dà  shǒu  ér  xiǎo,
Dad's head and hands are big,
bà  ba  de  tou  xiǎo  shǒu  ér  hěn  dà,

Walking hand in hand is not afraid to slip,
dà  shǒu  qiān  xiǎo  shǒu  zǒu  lù  bù  pà  huá,
Walk, walk, walk, walk,
zǒu  ya  zǒu  ya  zǒu  zǒu  zǒu  zǒu,
My son grows up in a twinkling,
zhuǎn  yǎn  ér  zi  jiù  zhǎng  dà,
La la la la la la la la la,
la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la, 
My son grows up in a twinkling.
zhuǎn  yǎn  ér  zi  jiù  zhǎng  dà。

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