Chinese song-tramp-ta lang-踏浪

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Tramp. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

It's a little cloud,
xiǎo  xiǎo  de  yī  piàn  yún  ya,
It came slowly,
màn  mān  de  piāo  guò  lái,  

Please rest your feet,
qǐng  nǐ  ya  xiē  xiē  jiǎo  ya,  
Take a break,
zàn  shí  tíng  xià  lái,
The flowers on the mountain are blooming,
shān  shang  de  shān  huā  kāi  ya,  

I just came up the hill,
wǒ  cái  dào  shān  shang  lái,

So you go up the hill too,
yuán  lái  ya  nǐ  yě  shì  shàng  shān, 

Look at that mountain flower,
kàn  nà  shān  huā  kāi,
A little gust of wind,
xiǎo  xiǎo  de  yī  zhèn  fēng  ya,  

Blow over gently,
qīng  qīng  de  chuī  guò  lái, 

Please rest your feet,
qǐng  nǐ  ya  xiē  xiē  jiǎo  ya,
Take a break,
zàn  shí  tíng  xià  lái,
The waves of the sea are breaking,
hǎi  biān  de  làng  huā  kāi  ya,
I just got to the beach,
wǒ  cái  dào  hǎi  biān  lái,
So you also love the waves,
yuán  lái  ya  nǐ  yě  ài  làng  huā,  

Just come to the beach,
cái  dào  hǎi  biān  lái, 

La la la la.
cái  dào  hǎi  biān  lái。 


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