Chinese song-The Tang poems are sung together-tang shi lian chang-唐诗联唱

Friday, March 24, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-The Tang poems are sung together. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The Silent Night Thought, Words: Li Bai
《静夜思》 词:李白
《  jìng  yè  sī  》  cí  :  lǐ  bái 
Before my bed a pool of night,
chuáng  qián  míng  yuè  guāng,

Can it be hoarfrost on the ground.
yí  shì  dì  shang  shuāng.
Looking up, I find the moon bright,
jǔ  tóu  wàng  míng  yuè,
Bowing, In homesickness I'm drowned.
dī  tóu  sī  gù  xiāng。  

Words in "Compassion for Peasants" : Li Shen
《悯农》 词:李绅
《  mǐn  nóng  》  cí  :  lǐ  shēn  

Hoe the day of the afternoon ,
chú  hé  rì  dàng  wǔ,

sweat drip Wo soil.
hàn  dī  hé  xià  tǔ。

Who knows the food on the plate,
shuí  zhī  pán  zhōng  cān ,

Every grain is hard.
lì  lì  jiē  xīn  kǔ 。 

Spring Dawn: Meng Haoran
《春晓》 词:孟浩然
《  chūn  xiǎo  》  cí  :  mèng  hào  rán

I awake light-hearted this morning of spring,
chūn  mián  bù  jué  xiǎo,

Everywhere round me the singing of birds.
chù  chù  wén  tí  niǎo 。
But now I remember the night, the storm,
yè  lái  fēng  yǔ  shēng,

How many are the fallen flowers.
huā  luò  zhī  duō  shao。
Words: Wang Wei
《相思》 词:王维
《  xiāng  sī  》  cí  :  wáng  wéi  

Red beans give birth to the south,
hóng  dòu  shēng  nán  guó,

Spring comes a few branches.
chūn  lái  fà  jǐ  zhī。
I advise you to gather more,
quàn  jūn  duō  cǎi  xié,

I love this most.
cǐ  wù  zuì  xiāng  sī。  

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