Chinese song-The little drum beat and beat-xiao gu dong dong dong-小鼓响咚咚

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-The little drum beat and beat. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.My little drum is thumping,
wǒ  de  xiǎo  gǔ  xiǎng  dōng  dōng,
He understands everything I say,
wǒ  shuō  huà  er  tā  dōu  dǒng,
I said three drums,
wǒ  shuō  xiǎo  gǔ  xiǎng  sān  shēng,
My little drum, Dong, dong, dong,
我的小鼓 咚 咚 咚 ,
wǒ  de  xiǎo  gǔ  dōng  dōng  dōng ,
Oh, oh, no,
哎哟哟 ,这不行 ,
āi  yo  yo,  zhè  bù  xíng,
My sister sleeps in a small bed,
mèi  mei  shuì  zài  xiǎo  chuáng  zhōng,
I said stop the drum,
我说小鼓别响了 , 
wǒ  shuō  xiǎo  gǔ  bié  xiǎng  le,
The little drum said understand understand understand.
小鼓说声 懂 懂 懂。 
xiǎo  gǔ  shuō  shēng  dǒng  dǒng  dǒng 。 

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