Chinese song-The girl who drives the sea-gan hai de gu niang-赶海的姑娘

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-The girl who drives the sea. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The soft beach, the golden sand, the little girl who drives the sea with bare feet,
sōng  ruǎn  ruǎn  de  hǎi  tān  ya ,jīn  huáng  huáng  de  shā  ,gǎn  hǎi  de  xiǎo  gū  niang  guāng  zhe  xiǎo  jiǎo  yā  ,

Picked up a conch from the coral reef, caught a prawns in the pool.
shān  hú  jiāo  shàng  jiǎn  qǐ  le  yī  méi  hǎi  luó  ,  zhuā  zhù  le  shuǐ  wā  li  yī  ya  yī  duì  xiā  。
Look, look, look, look... Dig and dig and dig and dig...
zhǎo  ya  zhǎo  ya  zhǎo  ya  zhǎo  ya  zhǎo  …  …  wā  ya  wā  ya  wā  ya  wā  ya  wā  …  …  

It will not fit in a small basket, it will not fit in a small basket,
yī  zhǐ  xiǎo  lǒu  zhuāng  bù  xià  ,  zhuāng  ya  zhuāng  bù  xià  ya  ,

The salty sea breeze, blowing fresh and refreshing, messed up the little girl's dark hair.
xīng  xián  xián  de  hǎi  fēng  yo,qīng  shuǎng  shuǎng  de  guā,chuī  luàn  le  xiǎo  gū  niang  lǚ  lǚ  hēi  tóu  fa  。  

The girl gently sang a fishing song, blushing a distant sunset glow.
gū  niang  qīng  qīng  chàng  qǐ  le  yī  zhǐ  yú  gē,xiū  hóng  le  yuǎn  fāng  de  yī  mā  wǎn  xiá  。  

Sing, sing, sing, sing... Jump, jump, jump, jump...
chàng  ya  chàng  ya  chàng  ya  chàng  ya  chàng  …  …  tiào  ya  tiào  ya  tiào  ya  tiào  ya  tiào  …  …  

The girl took the basket and ran home. Ran home.
gū  niang  tí  lǒu  pǎo  huí  jiā  ,  pǎo  ya  pǎo  huí  jiā  ya  。 

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