Chinese song-The cup of Life-sheng ming zhi bei-生命之杯

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-The cup of Life. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The Cup of Life,
shēng  mìng  zhī  bēi  ,  

This is the one,
zhè  biàn  shì  tā  ,  

Now is the time,
jiù  shì  xiàn  zài  ,  

Don't ever stop,
bù  yào  tíng  xia  , 

Push it along,
fèn  lì  xiàng  qián  , 
Gotta be strong,
zì  qiáng  zì  qiáng  ,

Push it along,
fèn  lì  xiàng  qián  ,
Right to the top,
dào  shì  jiè  zhī  diān  , 

The feelin' in your soul,Is gonna take control,
xīn  zhōng  rè  liè  de  chōng  dòng  jiù  yào  jiāng  nǐ  zhǎng  kòng  ,  

Nothing can hold you back if you really want it,
zhǐ  yào  zhēn  xīn  zhuī  qiú  ,  zé  méi  yǒu  shén  me  kě  zǔ  dǎng  nǐ  ,  

I see it in your eyes,
nǐ  rè  qiè  de  yǎn  shén  zhōng  ,  

You want the cup of life,
duì  jiǎng  bēi  de  kě  qiú  zài  fān  yǒng  , 
Now that the day is here,
jiù  shì  jīn  tiān  ,  

Gotta go and get it,
wèi  dé  dào  tā  ér  shàng  chǎng  ,  

Do you really want it ... Yeah!
nǐ  zhēn  de  xiǎng  yào  tā  ma  ?  .  .  .  dāng  rán !
Here we go! Ale, Ale, Ale!
gòng  tóng  chū  fā  ,  zǒu  zǒu  zǒu  ! 
Tonight's the night we're gonna celebrate,
jiù  zài  jīn  wǎn  ,  wǒ  men  jiāng  yào  qìng  zhù  ,
The cup of life... the world is ours today!
shēng  mìng  zhī  bēi  ,  shì  jiè  shǔ  yú  wǒ  men  !  

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