Chinese song-The boy hero Na Zha-shao nian ying xiong xiao na zha-少年英雄小哪咤

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-The boy hero Na Zha. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

It's him. It's him. It's him,
shì  tā  shì  tā  shì  tā  jiù  shì  tā,
Our friend Nezha,
wǒ  men  de  péng  you  xiǎo  nǎ  zhā,
It's him. It's him. It's him,
shì  tā  jiù  shì  tā  shì  tā  jiù  shì  tā,
The boy hero Na Zha,
shào  nián  yīng  xióng  xiǎo  nǎ  zhā,
Heaven he is higher than heaven,
shàng  tiān  tā  bǐ  tiān  yào  gāo,
He is bigger than the sea,
xià  hǎi  tā  bǐ  hǎi  gèng  dà ,

Subdue demons and descend demons,
zhì  fú  yāo  mó  yǒng  jiàng  guǐ  guài ,

The boy hero is Nezha,
shào  nián  yīng  xióng  jiù  shì  xiǎo  nǎ  zhā,

Sometimes he is very clever,
yǒu  shí  tā  hěn  cōng  ming,
Sometimes he is stupid,
 yǒu  shí  tā  yě  fàn  shǎ,
He is as tall as me,
tā  de  gè  tóu  gēn  wǒ  yī  bān  gāo,
Sometimes he works very hard,
yǒu  shí  tā  hěn  nǔ  lì ,
Sometimes he likes to play,
yǒu  shí  tā  yě  tān  wán,
He is as old as I am,
tā  de  nián  jì  gēn  wǒ  yī  bān  dà ,
Heaven he is higher than heaven,
shàng  tiān  tā  bǐ  tiān  yào  gāo,
He is bigger than the sea,
xià  hǎi  tā  bǐ  hǎi  gèng  dà,  

Fight demons with wisdom and descend demons with courage,
zhì  dòu  yāo  mó  yǒng  jiàng  guǐ  guài,
The boy hero is Nezha.
shào  nián  yīng  xióng  jiù  shì  xiǎo  nǎ  zhā。  

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