Chinese song-The baby is asleep-bao bao shui jiao le-宝宝睡觉了

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-The baby is asleep. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Night fell and it was quiet,
yè  mù  jiàng  lín  jìng  qiāo  qiāo,
Only the stars blink,
zhǐ  yǒu  xīng  xing  zhǎ  yǎn  jing,
The baby can't sleep in the house,
wū  li  bǎo  bǎo  shuì  bù  zhao,
I thought about my mother over and over,
fān  lái  fù  qù  xiǎng  mā  ma,
Sister moon laugh with me,
yuè  liang  jiě  jie  péi  wǒ  xiào,

Count the lambs with me,
hé  wǒ  yī  qǐ  shù  yáng  gāo,
One sheep two sheep,
yī  zhǐ  yáng  liǎng  zhǐ  yáng,  

Little lamb curly hair,
xiǎo  yáng  gāo  juàn  juàn  máo,

Baa baa,
miē  miē  miē,  

ruǎn  miān  miān,

Like a mother's arms.
hǎo  xiàng  mā  ma  de  huái  bào。 

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