Chinese song-Shake my hand-wo wo de shou-握我的手

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Shake my hand. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Shake my hand and then go clap, clap, clap.
wò  wò  wǒ  de  shǒu  ,  rán  hòu  gǔ  zhǎng  ,  gǔ  zhǎng  ,  gǔ  zhǎng  。  

Shake my foot and then go tap, tap, tap.
dòng  yáo  wǒ  de  jiǎo  ,  rán  hòu  qù  wā  jué  ,  wā  jué  ,  wā  jué  。 
One, two , three, I take a little hop.
yī  gè  ,  liǎng  gè  ,  sān  gè  ,  wǒ  yī  gè  xiǎo  tiào  。

So we’ll dance till the music stops.
suǒ  yǐ  wǒ  men  huì  tiào  wǔ  zhí  dào  yīn  yuè  tíng  zhǐ  。  

Shake my fingers, and then go snap, snap, snap.
dòng  yáo  wǒ  de  shǒu  zhǐ  ,  rán  hòu  qù  pāi  ,  pāi  ,  pāi  。  

Shake my nose, and then go wrap, wrap, wrap.
dòng  yáo  wǒ  de  bí  zi  ,  rán  hòu  qù  bāo  zhuāng  ,  bāo  zhuāng  ,  bāo  zhuāng  。  

Four, five, six and take a little hop.
sì  、  wǔ  、  liù  ,  xiǎo  tiào  。  

Then go around until the music stops.
rán  hòu  rào  ,  zhí  dào  yīn  yuè  tíng  zhǐ  。  

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