Chinese song-Set foot in the snow in search of plum-ta xue xun mei-踏雪寻梅

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Set foot in the snow in search of plum. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The day was clear after the snow,
xuě  jì  tiān  qíng  lǎng  ,

Sweet plum is everywhere,
là  méi  chù  chù  xiāng,
Cross the bridge on a donkey,
qí  lǘ  bǎ  qiáo  guò ,
Bells jingle,
líng  er  xiǎng  dīng  dang ,
Jingle, jingle, jingle,
响叮铛 响叮铛, 
xiǎng  dīng dang,  xiǎng  dīng  dang,
Jingle, jingle, jingle,
响叮铛 响叮铛, 
xiǎng  dīng  dang,  xiǎng  dīng  dang, 

A good flower can be gathered in a bottle,
hǎo  huā  cǎi  de  píng  gòng  yǎng,
With me the sound of books and music,
bàn  wǒ  shū  shēng  qín  yùn ,
Make good time together.
gòng  dù  hǎo  shí  guāng 。

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