Chinese song-Rock sugar gourd-bing tang hu lu-冰糖葫芦

Friday, June 2, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Rock sugar gourd. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

All say the ice gourd  sour, sour inside it wrapped in sweet,
dōu  shuō  bīng  hú  lu  er  suān  ,  suān  lǐ  miàn  tā  guǒ  zhe  tián ,

All say ice gourd  sweet, sweet inside it is wrapped in acid,
dōu  shuō  bīng  hú  lu  er  tián  ,  kě  tián  lǐ  miàn  tā  guǒ  zhe  suān,
Sugar gourd looks good it skewer wear, symbolizing happiness and reunion,
táng  hú  lu  hǎo  kàn  tā  zhú  qiān  er  chuān  ,  xiàng  zhēng  xìng  fú  hé  tuán  yuán,

The happiness and reunion into a string, no worry to no trouble,
 bǎ  xìng  fú  hé  tuán  yuán  lián  chéng  chuàn  ,  méi  yǒu  chóu  lái  méi  yǒu  fán,
Stand tall you will see far, face Cangshan to call,
zhàn  de  gāo  nǐ  jiù  kàn  de  yuǎn  ,  miàn  duì  cāng  shān  lái  hū  huàn,
Gas is also along the heart is wide, you will be twenty years young,
qì  yě  shùn  nà  ge  xīn  yě  kuān  ,  nǐ  jiù  nián  qīng  èr  shí  nián ,

Shanli red it dripping round, round calabash rock sugar even,
shān  li  hóng  tā  jiù  dī  liū  liū  de  yuán  ,  yuán  yuán  hú  lu  bīng  táng  er  lián,
Eat it to cure and satisfy cravings, you will be young 20 years.
chī  le  tā  zhì  bìng  yòu  jiě  chán  ,  nǐ  jiù  nián  qīng  èr  shí  nián。  

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