Chinese song-Reminiscence of Jiangnan-yi jiang nan-忆江南

Monday, May 29, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Reminiscence of Jiangnan. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The bell of the past tolled just before night,
wǎng  xī  de  zhōng  shēng  jiù  zài  yè  sè  lái  lín  zhī  qián  qiāo  xiǎng,

How sad the sound is,
shēng  yīn  duō  me  qī  liáng ,
Whose heart let moonlight illuminate nowhere to hide,
shuí  de  xīn  ràng  yuè  sè  zhào  liàng  wú  chù  duǒ  cáng,
I thought faintly of his home,
 yī  xī  xiǎng  qǐ  tā  de  jiā ,

Water in the Yellow River water in the Yangtze River,
黄河里的水 长江里的水,
huáng  hé  li  de  shuǐ , cháng  jiāng  li  de  shuǐ , 
Together at last,
zuì  hòu  zài  yī  qǐ ,
And you away and me here,
ér  yuǎn  zǒu  de  nǐ  hé  zhè  lǐ  de  wǒ,
Wait until the rivers and rivers slowly ,drain together
等到河水江水慢慢流干 在一起,
děng  dào  hé  shuǐ  jiāng  shuǐ  màn  mān  liú  gàn  zài  yī  qǐ ,
Half the moon is where the missing begins,
bàn  gè  yuè  liang  jiù  zài  sī  niàn  kāi  shǐ  de  dì  fāng,

The shadow is so long,
yǐng  zi  nà  me  chang,

Whose heart let moonlight illuminate nowhere to hide.
shuí  de  xīn  ràng  yuè  sè  zhào  liàng  wú  chù  duǒ  cáng。  

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