Chinese song-Prairie Sisters-cao yuan xiao jie mei-草原小姐妹

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Prairie Sisters. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

A pair of lovely sisters on the green grassland,
青翠的草原上 一对可爱的姐妹啊,
qīng  cuì  de  cǎo  yuán  shàng  yī  duì  kě  ài  de  jiě  mèi  a,
Young, lively, beautiful and generous,
nián  qīng  huó  po  měi  lì  yòu  dà  fāng,
Sister's eyes are big and sister's hair is long,
姐姐的眼睛大呀 妹妹的秀发长,
jiě  jie  de  yǎn  jing  dà  ya  mèi  mei  de  xiù  fā  chang,

Everybody likes her,
rén  rén  dōu  xǐ  huan  tā,
Two beautiful sisters on the verdant prairie,
青翠的草原上 一对漂亮的姐妹啊, 
qīng  cuì  de  cǎo  yuán  shàng  yī  duì  piào  liang  de  jiě  mèi  a,
Be polite and considerate to others,
对人客气 善解人意, 
duì  rén  kè  qi  shàn  jiě  rén  yì,
My sister has a nice body and my sister has a beautiful face,
姐姐的身材好呀 妹妹的脸儿美,
jiě  jie  de  shēn  cái  hǎo  ya  mèi  mei  de  liǎn  er  měi,
Everyone admired her,
rén  rén  dōu  xiàn  mù  tā,
Prairie sisters,
cǎo  yuán  jiě  mèi  a  ,

Feelings are deep and long.
qíng  shēn  yì  yòu chang。

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