Chinese song-Plant the sun-zhong tai yang-种太阳

Monday, July 3, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Plant the sun. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

I have a beautiful wish,
wǒ  yǒu  yī  gè  měi  lì  de  yuàn  wàng,
When he grows up, he can sow the sun,
zhǎng  dà  yǐ  hòu  néng  bō  zhòng  tài  yáng,
One seed at a time is enough,
bō  zhòng  yī  gè  yī  gè  jiù  gòu  le,
There will be many, many suns,
huì  jié  chū  xǔ  duō  de  xǔ  duō  de  tài  yáng,

One for the South Pole,
yī  gè  sòng  gěi  sòng  gěi  nán  jí,
One for the Arctic Ocean,
yī  gè  sòng  gěi  sòng  gěi  běi  bīng  yáng,
One hangs in the winter,
yī  gè  guà  zài  guà  zài  dōng  tiān,
One hangs at night hangs at night,
一个挂在晚上 挂在晚上, 
yī  gè  guà  zài  wǎn  shang  guà  zài  wǎn  shang,

la la la Plant the sun,
啦啦啦 种太阳,
la  la  la  zhǒng  tài  yáng,
la la la Plant the sun,
啦啦啦 种太阳,
la  la  la  zhǒng  tài  yáng,
La la la la la la,
啦啦啦啦 啦啦啦啦,
la  la  la  la  la  la  la  la,

Plant the sun,
zhǒng  tài  yáng,
By then every corner of the world,
dào  nà  ge  shí  hou  shì  jiè  měi  yī  gè  jiǎo  luò,
It's gonna be warm and bright.
都会变得 都会变得温暖又明亮。
dou  huì  biàn  de  dū  huì  biàn  de  wēn  nuǎn  yòu  míng  liàng。 

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