Chinese song-Little plane-xiao fei ji-小飞机

Friday, May 5, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Little plane. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Sky blue, white clouds floating, back small schoolbag,
tiān  lán  lán  ,  bái  yún  piāo  ,  bèi  qǐ  xiǎo  shū  bāo,
Flowers bloom, birds sing, the sun laughs,
 huā  er  kāi  ,  niǎo  er  jiào  ,  tài  yáng  gōng  gong  xiào,
Brush your teeth frequently, take a bath frequently, I am a good baby,
qín  shuā  yá  ,  qín  xǐ  zǎo  ,  wǒ  shì  hǎo  bǎo  bǎo,
Love my mother, love my father, I want to grow tall quickly,
ài  mā  ma  ,  ài  bà  ba  ,  wǒ  yào  kuài  kuài  zhǎng  gāo,
Little plane, paper plane, play games together,
xiǎo  fēi  jī  ,  zhǐ  fēi  jī  ,  yī  qǐ  zuò  yóu  xì, 

The insects fly, buzz, buzz, bees are making honey,
chóng  chóng  fēi  ,  wēng  wēng  wēng  ,  mì  fēng  zài  cǎi  mì,
Grass is green, spring is coming, the world is beautiful,
cǎo  er  lǜ  ,  chūn  tiān  dào  ,  shì  jiè  duō  měi  hǎo ,

Love my mother, love my father, I want to grow tall quickly.
ài  mā  ma  ,  ài  bà  ba  ,  wǒ  yào  kuài  kuài  zhǎng  gāo。  

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