Chinese song-Listen to Mom talk about the past-ting ma ma jiang na guo qu de shi-听妈妈讲那过去的事

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Listen to Mom talk about the past. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The moon moves through clouds like white lotus flowers,
yuè  liang  zài  bái  lián  huā  bān  de  yún  duǒ  li  chuān  xíng,
The night wind blew waves of happy songs,
wǎn  fēng  chuī  lái  yī  zhèn  zhèn  kuài  lè  de  gē  shēng,
We sat by high piles of grain,
wǒ  men  zuò  zài  gāo  gāo  de  gǔ  duī  páng  biān,
Listen to Mom talk about the past,
tīng  mā  ma  jiǎng  nà  guò  qù  de  shì  qing,
We sat by high piles of grain,
wǒ  men  zuò  zài  gāo  gāo  de  gǔ  duī  páng  biān ,
Listen to Mom talk about the past,
tīng  mā  ma  jiǎng  nà  guò  qù  de  shì  qing,

At that time, my mother had no land,
nà  shí  hòu  ,  mā  ma  méi  yǒu  tǔ  dì,
All my life in two hands,
quán  bù  shēng  huó  dōu  zài  liǎng  zhǐ  shǒu  shàng,
Sweat flowed in the landlord's hot fields,
hàn  shuǐ  liú  zài  dì  zhǔ  huǒ  rè  de  tián  yě  li,
Mother ate wild vegetables and chaff,
mā  ma  què  chī  zhe  yě  cài  hé  gǔ  kāng,
Howling like a blizzard Wolf in winter,
dōng  tiān  de  fēng  xuě  láng  yī  yàng  háo  jiào,
My mother was dressed in rags,
mā  ma  què  chuān  zhuó  pò  làn  de  dān  yī  shang,
She went to sew a fox fur robe for the landlord,
 tā  qù  gěi  dì  zhǔ  féng  yī  jiàn  hú  pí  cháng  páo,
He fell cold and hungry on the snow,
yòu  lěng  yòu  è  diē  dǎo  zài  xuě  de  shàng,
After so many years of suffering,
jīng  guò  le  duō  shao  kǔ  nàn  de  suì  yuè, 
Mom was just looking forward to today.
mā  ma  cái  pàn  dào  jīn  tiān  de  hǎo  guāng  jǐng。  


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