Chinese song-Learn songs-xue xi ge-学习歌

Monday, May 22, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Learn songs. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Mom says there's a saying in China,
mā  ma  shuō  zhōng  guó  yǒu  yī  jù  huà ,

Dad said I grew up listening to it,
bà  ba  shuō  wǒ  tīng  zhe  tā  zhǎng  dà,

Grandma says to be hardworking,
nǎi  nai  shuō  zuò  rén  yào  qín  láo,  
Grandpa said it's never too late to learn,
yé  ye  shuō  huó  dào  lǎo  xué  dào  lǎo,
My sister says there's a lot to learn,
jiě  jie  shuō  gāi  xué  de  zhēn  bù  shǎo,
My brother says it's both inside and out,
gē  ge  shuō  shū  li  shū  wài  dōu  zhòng  yào,

The teacher said he was a treasure in his hands,
lǎo  shī  shuō  tā  shì  shǒu  zhōng  de  bǎo,
We say it's never too late to learn,
wǒ  men  shuō  huó  dào  lǎo  xué  dào  lǎo,
You are never too old to learn,
huó  dào  lǎo  xué  dào  lǎo  zhè  ge  dào  li  dōu  zhī  dao,
Not everyone can live and learn,
huó  dào  lǎo  xué  dào  lǎo  bù  shì  shuí  dōu  néng  zuò  dào,
It's never too late to learn ,white hair can be young,
huó  dào  lǎo  xué  dào  lǎo  bái  fà  yě  néng  biàn  nián  shào,
It's never too late to learn ,not waste the life to go once.
huó  dào  lǎo  xué  dào  lǎo  bù  wǎng  rén  shēng  zǒu  yī  zhāo。

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