Chinese song-Labor is the most glorious-lao dong zui guang rong-劳动最光荣

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songss? Here is a song named-Labor is the most glorious. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The sun was shining brightly,
太阳光 金亮亮,
tài  yáng  guāng  jīn  liàng  liàng ,

The cock sings three songs,
xióng  jī  chàng  sān  chàng,  

The flowers wake up,
huā  er  xǐng  lái  le,
The bird was busy dressing,
niǎo  er  máng  shū  zhuāng,
The little magpie builds a new house,
xiǎo  xǐ  què  zào  xīn  fáng,
The little bee gathers honey,
xiǎo  mì  fēng  cǎi  mì  táng,
Where does a happy life come from,
xìng  fú  de  shēng  huó  cóng  nǎ  li  lái,  

To rely on labor to create,
yào  kào  láo  dòng  lái  chuàng  zào ,

Green leaves and red flowers,
青青的叶儿 红红的花,
qīng  qīng  de  yè  er  hóng  hóng  de  huā,
Little butterfly greedy play,
xiǎo  hú  dié  tān  wán  shuǎ,
Do not love work and do not study,
bù  ài  láo  dòng  bù  xué  xí,

We all don't learn it,
wǒ  men  dà  jiā  bù  xué  tā,
Learn to build a new house from a magpie,
yào  xué  xǐ  què  zào  xīn  fáng,
Learn to gather honey like a bee,
yào  xué  mì  fēng  cǎi  mì  táng,

The joy of labor is beyond words,
láo  dòng  de  kuài  lè  shuō  bù  jìn ,

Labor creates the most glorious.
láo  dòng  de  chuàng  zào  zuì  guāng  róng。  

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